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Correct Score Trading

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Correct Score Trading

We uncover the world of betting exchanges and correct score trading. Our goal is to beat the bookies and gain long term profits!

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Our Trading Approach


Selecting Matches To Trade

Proper match selection is key in trading and in securing long term profits.
We spent time on research and every Trade Of The Day is carefully selected.


Selecting Target Scores

Which correct score trading strategy should be applied?
All strategies are described in details in our Correct Score Trading Manual (PDF)


Selecting Other Markets

Which markets, other than correct score market, can be used to help if our trade goes against the expectations?
Insurance is important when building your trading position before kick-off.


Removing Liability

Get rid of your liability in order to secure profits in your trade or at least make it a scratch.
Always keep your red within your comfort level!


Securing Profit

Back, Lay, follow your trading plan, react to what's happening in-play.
Everything in order to secure green in the end!

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Correct Score Trading Manual

Every member can download our exclusive Correct Score Trading Manual in PDF format! Table Of Contents includes:

- Introduction To Betting Exchanges

- Football Markets

- The Correct Score Market

- Our Trading Approach

- Trading Late Goals

- Staking

- Strategies

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