Correct Score Trading Manual

I received a lot of e-mails and messages in the last couple of months asking about the Correct Score Trading Manual and I would like to respond to these requests. I have a manual that I wrote and published long time ago and now it is time to update it and release! It currently has 20 pages and I am expecting the new version to have around 50.

The first part of the document will concentrate on the topic of trading other markets (insurance) along with Correct Score market. Second part will focus on not going outside of correct scores.

My plan is to update the document continuously and so everyone who decides to purchase version 1.0 will be able to suggest new area to cover (do not worry – table of contents along with some extracts will be published for free). Topics that will get the highest number of votes, will be included in new versions of the manual.

Hopefully, my experience and observations shared in the document will help everyone interested in familiarizing with the Correct Score market!

As a bonus Correct Score Trading spreadsheet will be added to the manual. It will be helpful with all the calculations in-play.

And now for the question that is asked the most often: when will the manual be available? I will do my best to hit first half of May.

Stay green!

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